Mario Kiesenhofer studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
He works internationally as a freelance artist, photographer and graphic designer, is based in Vienna and works as a graphic designer for the Albertina Museum.

Mario Kiesenhofer is using photography, video and installation for his artistic work in order to reflect notions of gay sexuality as represented in urban environments, private or public spaces and clubs. Reflecting the visibility of gay sexuality, Kiesenhofer is focussing on the ambivalence of presenting moments of sexuality and hiding them at the same time. His works document the relations between the politics of visibility and withdrawal, offering passages between images and imaginations.

He is co-founder and art director of “Streulicht” - a publication series on photography & related arts.
In 2015 the Federal Chancellery of Austria granted him a 6-months scholarship for Artistic Photography and for 2018 a 3-months scholarship for Artistic Photography in New York City – as part of the International Studio & Curatorial Program.


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The Kinsky – May 6th, 2017
Different photographic display materials. An interview with Mario Kiesenhofer

Take Festival – April 20th, 2017
Provokant ist es heute etwas vorzuenthalten

The Gap – December 13th, 2016
Die 20 interessantesten FotografInnen Österreichs

Take Festival – April 18th, 2016
Ich will den Raum mit meiner Kamera nicht entblößen, sondern hinterfragen


Mario Kiesenhofer
based in Vienna, Austria
+43 660 65 77 627

VAT registration number: ATU67713548